Jamie Foster is happy to bring a new site of stripping movies to the the web. She was introduced to this genre by her friend, Lorelei Mission. Jamie's MILF-next-door looks and submissive persona were a natural for these naughty, humiliating dramas. Jamie had several very popular clips store but this is her first specialty site. She aims to give you lots of bang for your buck through watching her acute embarrassment at the situations she gets herself into.

Updates are on Mondays and Fridays and you get two new stripping scenes per week. Photos are included and the clips are WMV, our most popular file size in Hi Def, MP4 in Hi Def for MAC-users especially and a lower res MP4 for IPhone use.

Episode 310: Mature Prostitute Strips - 6 Minutes

Shei s desperate for money and a friend introduces her to a man who can help her make it the old fashioned way. She has dressed trashy sexy or at leats how she thinks she should dress but he needs the nervous MILF to strip out of her clothes nicely and slowly and show him how he is going to make her money. Awkward and shy, she has to strip and spread and try to keep her dignity. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 309: Panty Nurse - 6 Minutes

A nurse is dressed in brand new full-on panties, granny style panties if you will, and she laments how hard her profession is. She touches herself over her panties then changes into some shinier ones, white and fitted, still giving her full coverage to be comfortable to her under her nurses' uniform. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 308: Cougar Uses Buttplug - 5 Minutes

A mature woman is getting her butt ready for anal for her lover as she promised him. She lubes up her tight hole and inserts the small buttplug in slowly. She sits on it and makes him a video to show that she is practicing and trying. She shows her ass again and it pops out. It was a small start but she is at least readying herself for anal as it has been years. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 307: Stern Stepmom Strips - 8 Minutes

You buy your stern stepmom a very slutty outfit to wear and present it to her. You know this will get you into a lot of trouble but you cannot resist. She goes back to her room and changes into it and when she comes back the prudish woman is very pissed off indeed! We show her actually change into it after the main part of the clip. If you ever have any questions, feedback or tech issues email j... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 306: Stepmom Stripped and Searched - 10 Minutes

Stepmom is out of rehab again and Stepson wants to know where his pills are and he is not playing around. He manhandles his indignant stepmom and pulls off her yoga gear. It gets more and more humiliating for this MILF as she looks inside her pussy and spreads her ass cheeks, finally making her admit where her pills are. Playing coy got her nowhere and she is shamed by Stepson. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 305: Trying on Granny Panties - 4 Minutes

Jamie tries on several different colors of full-coverage style under wear that are known as granny panties. She is watched in a voyeuristic way and also takes off her bra at some point. Not knowing anyone is watching her, she is clumsy getting in and out of the underwear. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 304: Cougar Hotel Guest Strips - 5 Minutes

A cougar is a guest in a posh hotel and she explains to you some of the advantages of having a relationship with an older woman while she slips out of her lingerie, poses suggestively and even rides her pillow for you JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 303: Gradual Strip - 5 Minutes

In this new trend for ENF clips we see the exact same clip three times. In the first Jamie is wearing a sundress, then she is down to her bra and panties and finally naked doing the same housework type actions in each clip with a long butt shot in this domestic situation video. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 302: Caged Cougar Strips - 5 Minutes

A model has been hired to take off her clothes in a cage and she is definitely trying to get out of it. She feels being in a skimpy bikini is humilating enough but the organizer of the even wants all her clothes off and is tired of models pulling this. An older model is lucky to have the work her feels so this bitch is going to be totally nude in the cage growling like a cougar! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 301: Executive Strips - 4 Minutes

Even a senior executive is not immune from the perverted rituals in her company and she finds herself having to strip and keep her dignity. She is harrassed and indignant but does what she feels she needs to do to keep her high ranking position in this mature ENF video. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 300: Domme Strips and Sucks - 4 Minutes

A light pro domme is getting you ready for some ass play and she has to prove to you her toys are clean. She strips to turn you on and goes to wash her toy and POV cam follows her naked thru the house. She comes back and to prove that the toy is clean she sucks the toy, deep throats it even, and now you will take it, after experiencing your fully nude mistress JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 299: Stripping to Prove Womanhood - 4 Minutes

A college student and his teacher have a mad attraction to each other but he heard from other guys that she is really a man. He brings her to a secret location to get her to strip. She is insulted but does so then gets turned on by spreading her pussy for him, being completely exposed. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 298: Curious Cougar Covered in Cum - 6 Minutes

A cougar is trying to catch a younger man by being platonic friends with him and taking off her clothes expressing interest in having him cum on her. She gets him all riled up even being a really bad girl and spreading her pussy. The curious coug gets in position on the floor and gets hit by a huge blast of cum in this ENF and wet and messy video. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 297: Single Lady Strips and Humps - 4 Minutes

A mature woman has tired internet dating and is coming home from a bad date where her sex drive did not get fulfilled. She checks out her body, her lingerie and wet panties. She had been so hot for him but he must have been afraid to try an older woman. She strips off and pulls open her wet pussy (close ups) and rubs up against her bed in sexual frustration until she cums in this intimate clip. JOIN FOR MORE

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