Jamie Foster is happy to bring a new site of stripping movies to the the web. She was introduced to this genre by her friend, Lorelei Mission. Jamie's MILF-next-door looks and submissive persona were a natural for these naughty, humiliating dramas. Jamie had several very popular clips store but this is her first specialty site. She aims to give you lots of bang for your buck through watching her acute embarrassment at the situations she gets herself into.

Updates are on Mondays and Fridays and you get two new stripping scenes per week. Photos are included and the clips are WMV, our most popular file size in Hi Def, MP4 in Hi Def for MAC-users especially and a lower res MP4 for IPhone use.

Episode 293: Jamie Models and Flashes - 4 Minutes

Jamie walks down the hallway in four different dresses with her stockings and garter belt raising her skirt slowly and strutting around showing off her ass which was pretty big when this clip was shot. Three dresses and one top and skirt all with stockings and heels are shown. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 292: Stretching Stepmom Strips - 5 Minutes

Stepmom is on some hot pink leotard bodysuit type thing for her exercises and she stretches provocatively for you, even showing you her crotch which you know would be so easy to snap open.Her boobs pop out of the top of her leotard when she does a certain yoga post that all these cougars and MILF seem to love. She eventually releases the snaps and shows off her snatch. Stepmom is ready to play but... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 291: Therapist Strips - 7 Minutes

Blond cougar of a therapist wants you to be more sexually open, less repressed so she deliberately shows you her push up bra and takes out her tits to get you hard and then pulls aside the lacy panties. She is a mature woman and very professional but you have no choice to commit to masturbating in front of her and opening up to sex with an older woman. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 290: Club Friend Strips - 4 Minutes

Your friend from the tennis club is concerned about the changes pre menopause is causing in her body. She shows you her swollen breasts and abdomen and lays down on the bed giving you an intimate view of her fully exposed pussy. She has no idea you might be enjoying her secret parts and shows you just as a friend while grabbing at her tender body. Plenty of wiggling and jiggling here! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 289: Jamie Wakes up and Strips - 6 Minutes

In this voyeur style clip, Jamie is sleeping only to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, get naked, get in the shower, wash her self all over and then towel off. It's her morning routine and she has no idea you're watching. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 288: Tennis Coach Strips - 8 Minutes

The coach has not been keeping a close enough eye on your unruly son and now you must whip her into shape or find another coach. Her uniform is too naughty and has been distracting so that comes off and she needs to be reminded how much you control her with your paycheck. She is embarrassed and has to strip down and pose in this ENF video, nice photo gallery with some extras as well. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 287: Little Black Dress Flash - 7 Minutes

Artsy simple stockings and garter belt tease video where Jamie shows off all her lady parts in a little black dress, slowly raising and lowering for some peek-a-boo action with mature porn actress. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 286: Sex Worker Strips - 6 Minutes

The shy sex worker is wearing some very delicate lingerie that she has to peel off for her sexy video to get her new clients. She is okay being a hooker but did not want ot make a video, but in this economy you have to give away so much to get little and she reluctantly has to show off all the goods...even at her age. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 285: Cleaning Lady Strips - 6 Minutes

The cleaning lady is part of a naked maids service but she is definitely trying to hold out on being naked for a while as she cleans the coffee table, then takes one piece at a time off before she finally gives the customer what he wants, being spread open on the coffee table after it is nice and clean! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 284: Shocked Stepmom Strips - 6 Minutes

New and shy stepmom is getting ready to get in the shower when she catches you watching, screams and grabs at her towel. She is upset but begins to accept that there is little she can do to keep the voyeur eyes off her and begins to talk you thru coming to her sexy natural body. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 283: Sexy Bitch Flashes her Neighbor - 6 Minutes

The sexy sleeping bitch wakes up to her neighbor with an ass fetish staring at her. She makes sure to tease him with all her lady parts while he takes care of his hardness. She fell asleep wearing a red bustier and stockings looking very fuckable and she woke up to a surprise, a man who workships her thick ass! Starts out voyeir then becomes more interactive POV with a JOI ending.This clip does fe... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 282: Strip and Sex Training - 7 Minutes

Your stepmom is in lingerie and being very sweet to you. She tells you that she feels like you can keep a secret. She is slowly stripping in front of you, taking off her pink baby doll and slipping out of tight satin panties then she is beckoning you to stick your cock in her and practice pulling out. Your stepmom is so cool to be such a good friend to a young man! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 281: New Girlfriend Strips - 7 Minutes

Dad has a nice new girlfriend and she knows it is very important to get the son to like her but it results in her being the son's submissive slave. He makes her play a game where she has to change her clothes in front of him and she is embarrassed to do so but submits. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 280: Crying Stepmom Strips - 4 Minutes

Your poor stepmom is crying real tears as she has fallen in love with you and now you are leaving for college. She enjoys you one last time showing you her full bust and tight pussy while she sobs, bittersweet and naughty style with blond MILF. JOIN FOR MORE

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