Jamie Foster is happy to bring a new site of stripping movies to the the web. She was introduced to this genre by her friend, Lorelei Mission. Jamie's MILF-next-door looks and submissive persona were a natural for these naughty, humiliating dramas. Jamie had several very popular clips store but this is her first specialty site. She aims to give you lots of bang for your buck through watching her acute embarrassment at the situations she gets herself into.

Updates are on Mondays and Fridays and you get two new stripping scenes per week. Photos are included and the clips are WMV, our most popular file size in Hi Def, MP4 in Hi Def for MAC-users especially and a lower res MP4 for IPhone use.

Episode 154: Diet Lady Strips - 7 Minutes

Jamie has been on an eating program for the last month or so, cutting out a lot of bad foods and not drinking. Her roommate is concerned she is getting too thin. She strips to prove that she is strong and healthy. He has been helping her out with some of her meals, cooking and bills so she is just trying to be a good friend and show that she is okay but being naked in front of her roommate makes h... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 153: Photo Shoot Showcase - 3 Minutes

This is a photo shoot only with some very recent pics in blue lingerie and stripped of course. There are also some year-old pics in which Jamie is sporting a little bush. Suggestions on bras and panties are always appreciated. what you would like to see Jamie put on and take off are of great interest to her. Recently she has been sporting lots of everyday type panties so this is spicing it up a li... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 152: Reality Show Strip - 7 Minutes

This lady slept her way onto a reality show and now a co-star is holding her to her promise. He at least needs a free show of what she's got underneath her proper skirt and top. She sure thinks she is too big for her britches now that she has done well on the reality TV show and has the director chasing her so it's time she takes those britches off! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 151: Dressy Stepmom Strips - 6 Minutes

The stepmom has a lot of responsiblity and when you are caught trying to get a neighbor to strip she takes a short cut and lets you see her real, mature nude body. She has on a posh dress with stockings and garter belt underneath. She enjoys the power rush of peeling off each article of clothing and posing naked on the bed surrounded by her dressy ensemble. Now you will know to come to her when yo... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 150: Rectal Temp and and Strip - 5 Minutes

Jamie is napping and her voyeur neighbor is watching her. She flashes him her buttcheek to tease and then to be a good neighbor takes off her panties. He is very anal and wants a special treat so she submits to a self-anal temperature taking with a digital thermometer in her tight bottomhole. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 149: Panty Model Strips - 4 Minutes

Jamie tries on a pair of panties for every day of the week and flashes a little while she does it. She explains what each day will be like and shows off the simple white boy short, hipster style cotton blend panties. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 148: Art Model Auntie Strips - 7 Minutes

You know that your phony college art project will get your auntie to strip for you. She is always claiming she is so open minded with a lot of modeling experience and you know she will feel like she has to back it up with full nudity. She has worn a blue bra and panty set, blue flower in her hair and even had her toenails painted blue. Wow! she tries very hard to act as if she is not freaked out b... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 147: Neighbor Wife Strips - 5 Minutes

The neighbor wife has been talking to the daughter of a single dad. She has been saying that her husband abused her with harsh spanking discipline and she made the girl worried. The dad wants to make sure the neighbor wife is okay. She strips and shows that she is not bruised and she becomes aware that she is turning him on, hard. She is nervous and awkward but uses her bare body (tits,ass, pussy)... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 146: Neighbor Strips for Voyeur - 7 Minutes

The woman has been teasing her neighbor when she goes out on her patio to water her plants. She is an exhibitionist and has been flashing him here and there so he has decided to come over. She agrees to strip and even get off in front of him but he needs to pay her. She enjoys the pleasure of being a hired woman and he gets to cum in front of her in this POV clip, no male talent featured. The sto... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 145: Undies Roommate Strips - 7 Minutes

The roommate is sitting on the couch when her living partner throws some panties at her. The roommate thinks they are going to be a gift so she tries them on and models them for her roommate to enjoy. She shows things she is not comfortable showing to her roommate, and is embarrassed at the end when she asks for the package of tomboy fitting cotton panties back. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 144: Punished Mom Strips - 4 Minutes

The mom has been maide to stand in the corner with her pants down due to her daughter having a problem in school. Her bottom is red from being spanked. She turns around thinking she can leave but she has explain to the assistant principal that she is focusing on making her daughter a better student and then the mom has to remove all her clothes. This is all part of the way a family has to operate ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 143: Nerdy Cousin Strips - 11 Minutes

Awkward cousin has to help you study. You would rather get her naked and see how slutty she is. You get her to take off her glasses but she refuses to part with her socks. The bra is bargained off her body and you even get her to hand over her panties. You get your shy cousin the spread and show you everything and we all know what your next move will be. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 142: Cult Member Strips - 5 Minutes

Jamie is living in a community with strict rules, group housing with very clear guidelines and limited interaction with the outside world. She has been called out for not getting an outing approved and has to go thru a body check which she will fail for modifications she has made to her pubic area. She is afraid and ashamed and must strip and face punishment from one of the group leaders. At the e... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 141: Cheating Wife Strips - 7 Minutes

The wife comes home form a lunch tryst and unexpectedly finds her husband there. Hehas caught her red-handed but she acts indignant and tries to turn it around on him. She submits to stripping and reveals some naughty lingerie and still tries to play the falsley accused diva, but it is hard to act like a diva when you are completely naked and the push up bra and lacey panties must come all the way... JOIN FOR MORE

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