Jamie Foster is happy to bring a new site of stripping movies to the the web. She was introduced to this genre by her friend, Lorelei Mission. Jamie's MILF-next-door looks and submissive persona were a natural for these naughty, humiliating dramas. Jamie had several very popular clips store but this is her first specialty site. She aims to give you lots of bang for your buck through watching her acute embarrassment at the situations she gets herself into.

Updates are on Mondays and Fridays and you get two new stripping scenes per week. Photos are included and the clips are WMV, our most popular file size in Hi Def, MP4 in Hi Def for MAC-users especially and a lower res MP4 for IPhone use.

Episode 261: Phone Sex Operator Strips - 5 Minutes

Jamie is a phone sex mistress, dominating her clients making them her financial slaves, but this guy wants it the other way round and starts telling Jamie what to do. Like many dommes she is a submissive in real life and gets naked for the guy, even deep throating a dildo. She gets in touch with her true submissive nature and gives herlsef over to a good feeling that she has not had in a while, be... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 260: Kitchen Stepmom Strips - 5 Minutes

Stepmom is in the kitchen making breakfast for you and your buddies the morning after the party. She has on an apron and may not realize her hard little nipples are hanging out. She shows off her black panties, big ass and teases you with her tits while you come for your sweet stepmom. Like all my clips there is no man featured, strictly a POV clip. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 259: New Stepmom Strips - 6 Minutes

Your new stepmom is a total bitch and she wants rid of you. She is coming up with a plan to keep you out of the house as much as possible but you have some evidence against her that is going to turn her into your bitch, actually. She sees some compromising photos and is immediately begging and pleading and talking in a high, sweet voice and completely under your control while she removes one artic... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 258: One Night Stand Strips - 7 Minutes

They met in a bar and she is ready to have sex, although she acts shy and pretends she never does this,but it seems he just wants her to strip, cum for him, spread. This leaves her confused and feeling rejected. She clutches her clothes and feels used in this huMILFiation clip. This clip shows off the pink bra and panties same as the blue set featured in The Social Media clip. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 257: Sad Stepmom Strips - 4 Minutes

The new wife hosted a party and the neighbors were snobby cause they like the old wife so much better so she is crying. She tried very hard to look pretty and respectable and now all her clothes are coming off in a temper tantrum although she is a mature woman, and she wants a divorce. She is crying and sobbing real tears and acting like a naughty young lady and her husband does not know what to d... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 256: One-Piece Swimsuit Stepmom Strips - 8 Minutes

Your Stepmom walks in on you accidentally in the bathroom and she is clad in her tight, athletic bathing suit having just come back from the gym, you are aroused and get her to peel out of the fitted suit slowly and show off her muscles while you get off on her pale skin and nice figure. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 255: Bath Stepmom Strokes - 4 Minutes

Stepmom has you as a voyeur and although she wants her privacy she is dominated and flattered. She exposes her tits, ass and pussy by submerging them for you and finally cums for you with her skin all slippery wet. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 254: Stockings Stepmom Strips - 7 Minutes

Stepmom really would like to get some compliments out of you. She is sweet and friendly and flashing her stocking legs which are nice and long. She wants you opinion on her boobs. She turns around and shows off her bottom and the panties are slipped off giving a nice clear shot of her tight pussy. She thinks something might happen but you would never betray your dad so she gets humiliated and deje... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 253: Childless Stepmom Strips - 4 Minutes

You are going off to serve your country and your stepmom wants you to impregnate her before you leave. Your dad will not give her a baby. She strips to excite you and begs you to get started with the process of fucking her without protection and ejaculating in her as much as possible. She wants to be pregnant more than anything in the world. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 252: Single Mother Strips - 7 Minutes

A single mom wants to get you to stop hanging out with her college aged son so he can do better with his grades. She wants to keep you all to herself (for some other reasons, too) and has been reading about hot romance between older women and younger men so she awkwardly strips for you until you are clearly excited and she does not know what to do. She is a good girl at heart! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 251: Desperate Auntie Strips - 6 Minutes

Your slender artsy auntie always needs money and she is desperate this time so you decide to turn her into your personal little prostitute. She strips for you and while you go get the money she gets her pussy ready to be fucked, with some nice close ups. Female desperation turns into friends with benefits. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 250: Greta Strips and Shames Jamie - 13 Minutes

Extra long and very JUICY clip where Jamie is dominated by MILF porn star Greta Carlson including breast slapping and smothering as well as being forced to take a dildo in the mouth and pussy. Jamie is being taken advantage of by an older cougar in this classic fem dom/lesbian/BDSM/enf clip and Greta is a wonderful performer, a hot sassy blond GILF star today with huge tits and a big fetish video ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 249: Cop Lady Strips - 5 Minutes

This older chick still lives with her parents and is always in trouble. She leaves the house for her new job in a cop outfit and says she is going to be a waitress. Her dad knows it is some kind of stripper job and calls her out, making her take off her outfit to reveal lingerie and he has her take it all off and go to her room just like she is a naughty little girl (with a bush like a woman.) JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 248: Casual Sex Strip - 6 Minutes

MILF strips off piece by piece for some casual sex but has to get dressed again because you do not have a condom. She teases you with her tits, pussy and asshole but in the end you are denied because she is not going to have unprotected sex with you. JOIN FOR MORE

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