Jamie Foster is happy to bring a new site of stripping movies to the the web. She was introduced to this genre by her friend, Lorelei Mission. Jamie's MILF-next-door looks and submissive persona were a natural for these naughty, humiliating dramas. Jamie had several very popular clips store but this is her first specialty site. She aims to give you lots of bang for your buck through watching her acute embarrassment at the situations she gets herself into.

Updates are on Mondays and Fridays and you get two new stripping scenes per week. Photos are included and the clips are WMV, our most popular file size in Hi Def, MP4 in Hi Def for MAC-users especially and a lower res MP4 for IPhone use.

Episode 198: Proper Aunt Strips - 6 Minutes

Your aunt is posing, admiring herself in her bra and panties and she catches you watching. Her shock turns to a sadistic energy and she enjoys teasing and taunting you in her retro lingerie until she rewards you by showing off her tits. This is masturbation being coaxed out of you by a dominant older woman. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 197: Naughty Tennis Teacher Photo Shoot - 3 Minutes

The tennis teacher has a secret side she shows in this photo shoot. She starts out in a white sports bra, tennis skirt and boy shorts and they all come off. Her skin is almost as white as her clothes (and some pink, too) and she shows it all in this mature redhead photo shoot. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 195: Bikini Wife Strips - 9 Minutes

Middle-aged Wife has gone on an online shopping spree and bought four bikinis. She is trying to hide them and make up lies but she has to model each one for her husband and is in big trouble. Like all clips on this site it is POV and no man in the clip. She is awkwardly trying to cover her tracks and the bikinis are also quite revealing. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 194: Stage Mom Strips - 6 Minutes

The mom wants her daughter to do well in the beauty pageant and her daughter is not that talented. She pays a visit to the talent coordinator and hopes to get some favors. He is a man and she has a good body for a mature woman so she shows him all of it and works out a bargain to help her daughter do alright in the contest. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 193: Childless Woman Strips - 8 Minutes

This is a sensitive clip as a woman agrees to take part in a community survey and show a mature body that has not had children. She is asked personal questions that make her feel vulnerable, almost exploited. She does strip though and agree to a complete inspection of her lady parts. This is a long clip with a serious tone and close-ups. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 192: Hopeful Actress Strips - 6 Minutes

the lady is a little clueless about things work in Hollywood and believes her neighbor can get her into a movie if she shows him how well her body is holding up for her age. This is all behind her husbands back and she takes off her Sunday best and poses while her neighbor pleasures himself. She is not as smart as she should but she looks really good for her age in this milf strip video. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 191: Manager Strips - 6 Minutes

The hotel manager has a little history with you so she makes a personal visit when there is a noise complaint. Now that you have her in the room, you decide to take advantage of the situation and her business suit is coming off. Her boss lady attitude turns into embarrassment as she strips for your pleasure and you see a mature woman lose her composure. POV video with cougar Jamie Foster. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 190: Shy Hotel Photo Shoot - 3 Minutes

Mature model has a frilly panties and bra set that she peels off in a very embarrassed fashion in this bonus photo shoot with a revealing ending. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 189: Sleepy Aunt Strips - 5 Minutes

You watch your aunt sleep because the more time you get alone with her the better. She wakes up rested and is happy to see you. You have always wanted to be with a mature woman. Your aunt accidentally flashes yu but she sees that you like it and slips off her vintage nightie. She then asks you to come cuddle. You are so excited to curl up in the arms of a sensual cougar. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 188: Madam Strips - 5 Minutes

The Russian Madam has been running the whorehouse with many beautiful young women working but this client likes older women. He pressures her into stripping and showing the body of an ex-whore. She tries to get out of it but the client wants what he wants. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 187: Hotel Room Hookup - 3 Minutes

This is one of her favorite photo shoots to date, gradually stripping in a hotel, showing off feet and legs and then exposing all private parts even in a pile driver position with a revealing butt shot. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 186: Neglected Stepmom Strips - 5 Minutes

Stepmom is being ignored by your dad and she poses in some clothes she thinks will spice things up including stocking and a garter belt. You enjoy watching her from the closet and she is shocked and scornful when she firts catches you but then we see how much she needs to attention and she starts to enjoy showing you not only her lingerie but what she has under it. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 185: Jamie Strips and Gets Off - 5 Minutes

Jamie strips out of her t shirt and panties but leaves her socks on. She works her pussy with a power tool and then puts a large pink dilco inside her tight wet snatch, then to finish things off she goes with the tool for a nice, deep cum. JOIN FOR MORE

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